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Multisport Tours Terms and Conditions

The Guest admits a full understanding of the character of the Vessel and assumes all
risks incident to travel and transportation and handling of Guests.



AMT is not responsible for the health condition of each passenger that might change (to worse) during the course of this voyage: Previous illnesses, chronic diseases and treatments.



AMT is not responsible for any kind of accident happened to any passenger during course of the voyage. The Vessel will not carry medical personnel. While at sea or in port the availability of medical care may be limited or delayed. Guest acknowledges that all or part of their voyage may be in areas where medical care and evacuation may not be available. Guest agrees to indemnify and reimburse AMT in the event AMT choose to cover the cost of emergency medical care, including medical care provided ashore as well as transportation and/or lodging in connection therewith.



Guest agrees that his or her insurance company might not be accepted by emergency services assistant on spot. VOYAGE Itinerary subject to change DUE TO weather conditions, NATIONAL park authorities REGULATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS AS WELL AS NAVY authorities DEMANDS AMT reserves the right to alter the vessels' course, ports of call, itinerary, activity and shore excursions to avoid such weather systems and insure the comfort and safety of the Guest and crew.



AMT is not responsible for the financial condition or integrity of any travel agent utilized by Guest. In the event that an agent shall fail to remit to AMT any monies paid to the agent by Guest, Guest shall be and remain liable for the fare due to AMT, regardless of whether liability is asserted before or after embarkation Issuance and validity of ticket contract is conditional upon final payment being received by AMT prior to sailing.



Hotel rooms in Galapagos are limited THEREFORE large GROUPS might be divided depending on the number rooms available in each hotel. The suggested hotels are our first option, if these hotels are not to be available we will accommodate Guests in a similar category hotel. For land based cruises, hotels availability might influence the itinerary order. However, all islands scheduled will be visited, unless VOYAGE clauses affect it.



AMT does not assume any responsability, compensation nor refund due to flight delays (international and local), terrorism, natural disasters, and force majeure events.


Ecuador Ministry of Tourism